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How to Take Care of Your Hands?

Dec. 21, 2020

Especially now that the frequency of handwashing has increased, coupled with the dry autumn and winter season, hands need more moisturizing and protection. Whitening hand cream will make your hands tender and white, smooth, and moisturized. The hand cream wholesaler tells you practical hand care tips.

1. Wear rubber gloves

Remember to wear rubber gloves whether you are washing dishes or clothes, which can greatly reduce the degree of damage to your hands by detergents. Don't be afraid of trouble, hand care should be always available.

2. Hand mask

Regular application of hand mask is also a good choice, as a facial mask, to achieve periodic relief; you can also make some homemade hand mask essence, such as milk, rice milk, etc., not only can moisturize but also whiten

3. Scrub

The scrub is also a good helper for handguards. If your hands are rough and dry, you can soak them in warm-hot water first, and then gently massage the fingers of your hands with a scrub. After ten minutes, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that your hands will become unexpectedly smooth and smooth.


4. Weekend hand care

It is a good way to take special care of your hands during the weekend. Before going to bed at night, soak your hands in hot water for 20 minutes, and then massage for 10-20 minutes to accelerate blood circulation and promote sebaceous gland secretion. Then put hand cream or lotion in a microwave oven and heat it to a low degree. Apply to your hands and sleep with thin cotton gloves. In the dry morning of the next day, your hands will become very soft and smooth. If you do this care once a week, the skin on your hands will be greatly improved.

5. Apply hand cream

Every time you wash your hands, apply moisturizing hand cream and hand cream. Don't be lazy, know that the hand cream contains multiple active ingredients such as glycerin, which will protect and nourish your hands.

Even if you can't go to a beauty salon for specialized hand care, you must develop a good habit of applying hand cream.

Applying professional hand cream frequently is a simple and effective method. After washing your hands each time, dry your hands thoroughly, and then apply hand cream. You can put hand cream on the office, kitchen, bathroom, etc., and apply it immediately after washing your hands.

The customized vanilla hand cream lotion has a clear texture, good spreadability, and is very easy to push away. It is smooth and smooth on the hands, especially moisturizing, and will not feel greasy. The fragrance of vanilla is delicious when you apply it all over the hand. If you want to get more information about portable hand lotions, please contact us.

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