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Is it Better to Use More lip Balm?

Dec. 15, 2020

The most painful thing is that the lips are dry, and then they will always lick their lips subconsciously. As a result, the more they lick, the drier it is, a vicious circle. At this time, I feel that drinking water is useless and I can only apply lipstick desperately. However, if the lip balm is incorrectly selected or used incorrectly, it will not only not relieve the symptoms of dryness, but may even cause cheilitis. It is especially important to choose a moisturizing lip balm.

Why do lips peel in winter?

Compared with the skin of other parts, the skin and mucous membrane of the lips is very thin, only about one-third the thickness of the surrounding skin. At the same time, it has almost no sebaceous glands and sweat pore openings, and cannot secrete sebum or moisture to moisturize itself.

Therefore, compared to other parts of the skin, the lips have almost no self-protection mechanism, and they are especially prone to dryness and peeling.

In addition, due to the abundant distribution of capillaries in the lip area, if chapped occurs, it is easy to damage the capillaries and bleed. Therefore, fragile lips often need special care.

Lip Balm

Types of lip balm

There are two types of common lip balm-stick and can. Their main ingredients are oils and waxes from plants and animals.

Common oils such as petroleum jelly, glycerin, waxes, and beeswax, their function is to moisturize and lock water, provide a layer of lipid film between the lips and the outside air to reduce water evaporation.

The stick-packed lip balm has a hard texture and generally has a little more wax than oil. When you put it on your lips, it will not immediately become moisturized, but the relatively moisturizing effect is longer.

The canned lip balm has a softer texture and has more oil than wax. It can be instantly moisturized when applied and can be used as a lip mask.

Is it better to use more lip balm?

Actually not. Although the glycerin in the lipstick has a certain water absorption effect, it can absorb water molecules in the air and make the skin more moisturized. However, it is precise because of its characteristic that if glycerin products are simply used in a relatively dry season, it will instead absorb moisture from the skin, making the skin drier and even dehydrated. Therefore, do not use the lipstick too frequently even in the dry season, usually 3-5 times.

You can choose products with relatively mild ingredients. In addition to the basic oils and waxes, allantoin, glycyrrhizic acid, vitamin E, etc. are all ingredients with lower allergenicity and better repair functions.

The round ball lip balm has an ultra-Q design that fits the shape of the lips and is easy to use and carry. It is rich in natural vegetable oils and vitamins. It has a fresh fruit aroma. You can add moisture to your lips anytime and anywhere.


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