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Sterile lubricating jelly, ultrasound gel, solidifier, and Vaseline are all medical products that are used in patient care to reduce friction and improve the glide of medical instruments during certain procedures.

Sterile lubricating jelly is a water-soluble lubricant that is used to lubricate body openings, such as the anus or vagina, and medical instruments, such as catheters. It is typically used in hospitals and other healthcare settings to help facilitate the insertion of medical instruments and to prevent irritation or damage to the skin. Sterile lubricating jelly is generally non-irritating and safe for use, but it should not be used on open wounds or in the eyes.

Ultrasound gel is a clear, water-based gel that is used in conjunction with ultrasound devices to improve the transmission of sound waves through the skin. It is applied to the skin before an ultrasound examination and helps to create good contact between the skin and the ultrasound probe, which is necessary for obtaining clear images. Ultrasound gel is generally non-irritating and safe for use, but it should not be ingested or allowed to come into contact with the eyes.

Solidifier is a substance that is used to solidify liquids, such as blood or urine, for easier handling and transport. It is typically used in laboratories and hospitals to help collect and preserve samples for analysis. Solidifier is generally safe for use, but they should be handled carefully to avoid contamination.

Vaseline is used as a lubricant and protectant for the skin. It is commonly used to treat dry skin and to protect against minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Vaseline is generally safe for use, but it should not be ingested or used on open wounds.

Sterile lubricating jelly, ultrasound gel, solidifier, and Vaseline are important tools in patient care, helping to ensure the comfort and safety of patients during medical procedures.


Health & Beyond offers patient care products: sterile lubricating Jelly, ultrasound gel, solidifier, and vaseline that perfectly meet your marketing and promotional needs.

Variety of sizes and packaging options.

While this feature does not directly affect patient care or the patient experience, it affects your practice as a business. In some settings, multi-use containers are an option, such as in an ultrasound room where there is little risk of cross-contamination. 


Not only is the practice of making all healthcare products latex-free important for those with existing latex allergies, but also protects the healthcare professional from being exposed to chemicals that are known to cause allergies over time. When all of our products are made latex-free, there is no need to offer similar products and risk the wrong one being stocked. Because our products are latex-free, they also reduce the interaction between the lubricant and your medical gloves.

Sterile bacteriostatic.

This is one of the features that makes a big difference between Health & Beyond and its competitors. It does not matter what you are using our surgical lubricants for, there is never a time when using a product that runs the risk of introducing contaminants to a patient is acceptable. Liquid and gel products are the ideal environment for breeding and growing bacteria. All of our products are sterile, to begin with and contain a bacteriostatic property that effectively resists bacterial growth.

Premium viscosity.

The reason you use lubricating jelly in the first place is to help whatever instrument you are inserting glide smoothly. The viscosity of Health & Beyond offers the patient a comfortable experience and the medical professional an easier time with insertion. Our products remain slick and will not dry out or become tacky mid-procedure. Our superior lubricants will not clump up or flake off.

Water soluble.

Water solubility helps ensure that the product is safe to use with all instruments and tubing without compromising their integrity. It also ensures that it is safe to use in any orifice or topically and will not harm a patient if small amounts are ingested. This feature also helps with cleanup and is non-staining if it comes into contact with fabric, unlike oil-based lubricants.

Health & Beyond has owned the mark of assurance, consistency, and convenience. Our features are proof that we are invested in providing quality to medical professionals and their patients. Browse our entire line of products today. Buy now.

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