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When and how to use hand sanitizer?

Feb. 15, 2022

Before we know more about the use of hand sanitizer, it is important to note that washing hands with soap and water is the best way to kill microorganisms on hands, and washing is better than using hand sanitizer. However, when soap and water are not easily available, alcohol disinfectants with an alcohol content of at least 60% should be used.

Once you have determined that you must use hand sanitizer, it is important to use it correctly to reduce the number of microorganisms on your hands. When using hand sanitizer, apply the product to the palm of one hand using the dosage instructions on the label. Rub the product over the entire surface of your hand until it dries. Don't dry them with a towel. Let your hands dry.

While hand sanitizers can be very effective in reducing the number of microorganisms on your hands, they do not eliminate all types of bacteria, such as stomach worms called norovirus, some parasites and Clostridium difficile, which causes severe diarrhea. In addition, hand sanitizers may not be as effective when hands are dirty and may not be able to remove harmful chemicals.

Although hand sanitizers can remove microorganisms, it is important to remember that soap and water are always the first choice, and hand sanitizers do not clean dirty or greasy hands. Do not use hand sanitizer after gardening, outdoor play, fishing and camping. Use soap and water unless there is no wash table.

Here are some useful tips to help you know when to clean your hands and which method is best:

Soap and water should be used:

.Before, during and after food preparation

.Before eating

.Before and after taking care of sick people

.Before and after treatment of cuts or wounds

.After going to the bathroom, changing diapers or cleaning children who have used the bathroom

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