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Autumn Is Here, Haven't You Bought Your Hand Cream Yet?

Sep. 16, 2020

Hands are the blind spot of people's daily skincare. Some people use hand cream and face cream together. In fact, this is also the biggest misunderstanding of people's hand care.

In fact, there are many types, such as moisturizing type, repairing type, protective type, and exfoliating type, just classified by ingredients. A suitable hand cream acts on the skin of human hands according to a reasonable mechanism, so choosing a hand cream that suits you is not so simple.

Which hand cream is suitable for you?

1. Moisturizing type: suitable for office workers who often live in air-conditioned rooms

Office workers who have been in an air-conditioned room for a long time also tend to have their hands dry and dehydrated. Therefore, it is very important to choose a highly moisturizing hand cream. The moisturizing hand cream contains two main ingredients: water-absorbing moisturizer and water-retaining moisturizer, which can prevent water loss and highly moisturize hands.

Moisturizing Hand Cream

2. Protective type: suitable for people who often do housework 

People who do housework frequently have their hands exposed to detergent, soap, and other alkaline substances and become rough. The ingredients of the protective hand cream belong to the water-in-oil formulation, which is a waterproof hand cream. This kind of hand cream is also suitable for people whose hands are exposed to the sun. Protective hand cream can effectively prevent sunburn on the hands.

3. Exfoliating type: suitable for rougher skin

The cuticle of the hands is also very developed, and people who often engage in manual labor are more likely to get horny. The fruit acid ingredients and exfoliating particles contained in the exfoliating hand cream can make the skin on the hands smoother.

Like other parts of the skin, hand skin can also be dry, oily, and mixed. Most hand creams contain VE or glycerin. VE stands for moisture in hand cream; Glycerin represents the oily content of hand cream. Choose according to your skin type and needs.

Choosing hand cream should not only be based on the different jobs the users are engaged in, but also the change of seasons. Only in this way can it resist the marks left by spring cold, summer sun, autumn dryness, and winter freezing. For example, just after a summer of sunshine, the skin on the hands has become darker, so you should choose a whitening hand cream when autumn is approaching.

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