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How to Choose Hand Cream Correctly?

Sep. 21, 2020

The cuticles of the hands are thin and there is little fat. Typing and housework can make the skin tired, dry, and rough. With age, the level of collagen and elastin decreases, and wrinkles appear on the hands. Although most people's hands will not show signs of aging until they are 30-40 years old, it is likely that aging will be accelerated if not properly maintained.

Misunderstandings of applying hand cream

1. Face cream can replace hand cream

Many people will mix face cream and hand cream, which is not a desirable method. Because the human body's sweat glands and oil lines are distributed differently, the requirements for moisture and moisture are also different.

Hand Cream

2. The best time to apply hand cream

Many people choose to apply hand cream immediately after washing their hands to protect the skin from losing moisture. People with sensitive hand skin should apply a hand cream containing petroleum jelly and other water-repellent effects before touching a lot of water, which can act as an "invisible glove" and prevent more allergies and inflammation of the hands.

People who are prone to sweating can also use hand cream. Excessive moisture on the hand skin can cause allergies, inflammation, and other problems. Choose a hand care product with clear texture to achieve moisture absorption.

3. Choose a hand cream with more functions

In order to avoid irritating ingredients such as spices and pigments in hand creams from harming the skin, when choosing hand creams, try to choose products with relatively simple effects. If you encounter barbs, peeling, etc., you can choose a hand cream containing antioxidants; if there are small wounds on the skin, avoid using hand creams containing flavors and pigments.

Many people still feel that their skin is dry after applying hand cream. In addition to the incorrect choice of hand cream, it may also be because you applied it incorrectly. Generally speaking, it is best to wash your hands before applying hand cream and cooperate with certain massage techniques to promote the absorption of hand cream.

Every time you wipe the hand cream, you can first apply the hand cream on the palm, rub your hands to heat the hands, so that the skin can absorb nutrients, and then apply the hand cream on the palms, backs of hands, nails, edges of nails, first web, and backs of hands rub each other and let the hand cream slowly penetrate into the skin.

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