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After using the instant hand sanitizer, where did the bacteria go?

Jan. 29, 2019

The Professional  Instant Hand Sanitizer should usually be equipped with a disinfectant component and a volatile solvent. In order to avoid excessive foaming, the content of the surfactant component in the Instant Hand Soap is generally small, and some low-boiling alcohol is selected. Classes, such as the addition of alcohol solvents.

Alcohol is mixed with glycerin, in which alcohol acts as a washing and disinfecting agent, and glycerin acts as a moisturizing agent. After use, the alcohol evaporates on its own, and glycerin remains on the skin to moisturize the skin.

Some contain edible disinfectants, but also contain plant extracts such as aloe vera gel and sea buckthorn oil. After these ingredients are applied to the hands, some can be volatilized, while others remain on the surface of the skin, but they are basically harmless to humans.

Knowing this, everyone can use the Hospital Liquid Hand Sanitizer with confidence.500mL Professional Instant Hand Sanitizer Wholesale

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