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Introduction of SPF value

Feb. 01, 2019

Everyone uses Sunscreen Cream every day, but do you know the meaning of each value on the sunscreen? The following is a detailed introduction to the meaning of SPF.

The SPF value is a well known sun protection index. 4 to 8 is an intermediate sunscreen effect, 8 to 12 is a high-grade sunscreen effect, 12 to 20 is a high-strength sunscreen effect, and greater than 20 is a super-strong sunscreen effect.

The coefficient behind the SPF value refers to a time range in which the ultraviolet radiation does not cause damage to the skin, and is usually measured in 20 minutes. For example, SPF8 is equivalent to being able to protect the skin for 160 minutes. However, the higher the sun protection factor, the more likely it is to clog the pores and make the skin feel greasy and heavy.

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