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What is a Medical Solidifier?

Solidifier is a highly absorbent polymer powder that turns liquid medical waste into a gel-like substance, reducing the risk of splashes and spills.

Health & Beyond solidifier:

Can be used with various forms and sizes of suction canisters

Can be added prior to surgery to maintain a closed suction system

Do not increase the volume of canister contents

Continues to solidify for up to 48 hours as more liquid is added

Meets USDOT red bag disposal requirements and OSHA Employee Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Standard

Choosing a treated solidifier can help reduce your facility's costs.

Our MEDICAL SOLIDIFIER decontaminates waste as it gels, further reducing the risk of dangerous bloodborne pathogens. This MEDICAL SOLIDIFIER allows hospitals to place filled suction canisters into non-regulated white trash bags, which can significantly reduce waste management costs.

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