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The Difference between Various Sunscreen Products

Oct. 26, 2020

In addition to relying on physical equipment such as hats, sun protection clothing, and masks, sun protection products cannot be ignored. However, many people can't distinguish between physical sun protection and chemical sun protection.

Physical sunscreen can directly block UVB in ultraviolet rays, but it is not effective in protecting UVA. It has a thick texture and feels heavy in summer, but it is better than safe ingredients, so it is more suitable for sensitive skin.

Chemical sunscreen can avoid direct exposure of UVA and UVB because it forms a film on the surface. However, due to the instability of its ingredients, it needs to be reapplied repeatedly, and it has irritating ingredients, so long-term use will cause certain damage to the skin.

Mixed sunscreen harmonizes the heavy texture of physical sunscreen, and reduces the irritating ingredients in a chemical sunscreen. The sunscreen effect of UVA and UVB is more comprehensive and stable. Now, most sunscreen products prefer this category.

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There are also many types of sunscreen products, including sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen stick, sunscreen powder, and sunscreen spray. What are the differences between them?

Sunscreen milk has a white emulsion-like texture. The texture is not too heavy. It is especially suitable for body application. Therefore, most sunscreen milk can be used on the whole body. If it is oily skin or mixed oily skin, it can also be used on the face.

Sunscreen has a creamy texture, thick and heavy, and has average fluidity. Before many physical sunscreens were cream-like textures, including some safe sunscreen products suitable for babies are cream-like.

Sunscreen sticks are generally of solid and transparent texture, which is very suitable for carrying and reapplying. When using it, it saves a lot of money. It is enough to apply to the parts that need sunscreen, but the sunscreen sticks will definitely be used repeatedly, and there is a certain degree of hygiene defects.

Sunscreen powder is a powdered sunscreen. In fact, it can absorb facial oil very well, and it can stay on the face to protect the skin more evenly. The smear is matte, which can prevent sweat and oil. But sunscreen powder is not waterproof, so it is not suitable for outdoor use. In addition, people who are allergic to a powder should also pay attention to the ingredients that cause allergies.

The texture of the sunscreen spray is very thin, the upper face is very comfortable, the mist is very fine, it can be applied evenly, and can be used all over the body, suitable for carrying around, and also suitable for spray after makeup.

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