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The main components of hand sanitizer

Feb. 26, 2019

1) Decontamination ingredients

The Personal Use Hand Sanitizer provides decontaminating ingredients to provide decontamination and rich lather, primarily anionic surfactants and small amounts of nonionic and zwitterionic surfactants.

(2) Nursing ingredients

When washing your hands, the skin feels dry after hand washing due to the degreasing effect of the surfactant. Therefore, add some fat-riching agent and emollient to replenish skin oil to prevent dry and rough skin.

(3) Antibacterial ingredients

The hands are always in contact with the outside world, and the hands are contaminated with various bacteria and even fungi. Therefore, the germicidal components should have a broad spectrum. In order to improve the sterilization efficiency of the fungicides, it is necessary to add additives that increase the penetration force. It promotes the penetration of the sterilizing component into the bacterial wall, rapidly sterilizes, and enhances the sterilization efficiency.

(4) Sensory adjustment components

In order to make consumers prefer and accept Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, give special effect and appearance to hand sanitizer, add dye or pearlescent agent; add thickener to adjust a suitable viscosity for convenience; in order to have a kind in the process of washing hands Add a moderate amount of flavor to a relaxed and pleasing experience.

(5) Natural ingredients 

With the improvement of people's safety and environmental awareness, green natural products are more admired. Therefore, the addition of natural raw materials to hand sanitizer formula is the choice of many Custom Hand Soap brands. These natural additives play a role in reducing irritation, moisturizing the skin, antibacterial and antibacterial. It also provides a natural aroma and color.

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