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Important Tips on How to Use Body Lotion

Oct. 28, 2022

Just as we moisturize our faces every day to keep our skin soft and hydrated, our bodies need a little moisturizing too TLC. the skin on our bodies is exposed to these elements just as much as our faces are. Sunlight, environmental factors, sweat, hot showers, central heating, and cold draughts can all dry out and inflame the skin. Moisturizing your skin regularly can help soothe prickly, uncomfortable, rough, or uneven skin.


While this is a very simple step in your body care routine, how to use moisturizer is a skill that will enhance your post-shower body care routine. Read on to find out how to use body lotion to get the best results and leave you with silky soft, comfortable skin.


What is body lotion?

Before we dive into the basics of how to use body lotion, let's start with the basics and learn "What is body lotion?". A body lotion is a moisturizer designed to be used on the whole body. Just as we moisturize our faces every day, our bodies benefit from daily hydration. Body lotions tend to be richer than facial moisturizers and are sometimes designed to address specific issues such as cellulite or toners.

 Benefits Of Using Body Lotions

Body Lotion


Moisturizers can be rich creams, milk, light mousses, or moisturizing oils. They may have a thick formula that coats the body in a luxurious layer of moisture that dehydrated skin absorbs; the lighter texture is ideal for oily types who still want that dose of moisture without the slipperiness that moisturizers sometimes bring.


Benefits of body lotion

Regular application of body lotion helps to soften and soothe uncomfortable skin.

It can also help reduce wrinkles, especially in exposed areas such as the chest, and soothe sudden onset or irritated patches

Emollients support the skin barrier, the skin's first line of defense against microbial invasion, which can be removed by cleansing. The nourishing ingredients in body lotions restore the natural defenses of the skin barrier and help to maintain a balanced and healthy skin microbiome.


Many body lotions contain ingredients that help with specific problems such as dryness, loss of elasticity, cellulite, acne, eczema, and keratosis pilaris.


Body lotions feel great! Rejuvenate your body and mind by using fragrant, moisturizing lotions after a bath or shower, especially those containing natural essential oils such as those found in Nivea rose and argan oil.

 Body Lotion  

Body Lotion


How do I use body lotions?

You've found the right moisturizer for your skin's needs, but how do you use a body lotion?


You can apply as much body lotion as you like, but once a day is usually enough. When you apply it, it's more important than how often. A common mistake is to apply moisturizer to dry skin - perhaps even replenishing it every few hours - but this doesn't give you the best results. To make the most of your moisturizer, apply it after a shower or bath when your skin is warm and damp (it shouldn't be wet either). Warm, damp skin is the perfect canvas for how to use your moisturizer and get the most benefit from your chosen moisturizer.

Once a day start applying to wet skin and once you have hung up your towel, apply from top to bottom.


Add a piece (about the size of a 10p coin) to your hand (add more if your skin is particularly dry or on rougher areas such as elbows and knees)

Rub your palms together to warm the lotion

Use your hands to massage the lotion into your body in small circular movements

Repeat until you have covered your entire body (don't forget your neck!)

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