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How To Use Body Milk Properly?

Feb. 07, 2023

Improper use of body milk will cause poor results after use. In fact, the use of body milk is very simple. Let's learn with the body cream supplier.

Apply body cream in a timely manner

It is best to apply body lotion within 3-5 minutes after bathing. The hot air of the bath makes your pores open, and the best effect is to rub the lotion immediately.

How to use body cream correctly?

After bathing, you can apply it all over your body. Except for your arms and thighs, your torso, shoulders, and back, especially the buttocks, lower tummy, lower back, and feet that are easily overlooked, can be applied.

 Body Lotions

Body Lotion

Give more care to dry areas

After taking a bath, excessively high water temperature and cleansing ingredients can cause the body's skin to dry, especially the calves and joints, which are often very dry and must be applied in time. Calves and joints are the areas that dry out most easily in winter. Therefore, special areas need special care. While applying the lotion, take some time to do skin massage to these parts, promote the absorption of the body lotion, let the body lotion repeatedly lock the moisture, can penetrate into the stratum corneum, moisturize dry cells, and protect your calves and joints all day long.

Replenish body moisture whenever needed

Everyone's body skin may have different dehydration conditions. For example, after sun exposure, long-term air conditioning, and staying up late to work overtime will cause different conditions of skin dehydration. At this time, it is necessary to carry a bottle of body lotion with you. When the skin is dehydrated, the skin can be replenished at any time to prevent moisture loss.

Before going to bed, you should choose a refreshing non-greasy body lotion

The body milk used before going to bed should be plant-free as much as possible. Excessive fragrance and pigment can easily cause skin irritation and burden the skin. The fragrance-free body milk is undoubtedly healthier and beneficial to the skin, such as focusing on fragrance-free care Body milk, other brands also have a lot of unfragrant body milk series, nourish the skin while not burdening and harming the skin.

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