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How to Choose Body Milk in Autumn

Sep. 30, 2020

In autumn, the skin will become very dry and the skin of the ankles will start to look very unsightly. At this time, you need to apply body lotion.

When the weather is getting colder, everyone always likes to set the water temperature higher in the bath, but in fact, the excessively high water temperature will be a "dehydration" blow to the dry skin in autumn and winter. Water that is too hot will more easily take away the sebum that is naturally secreted on the surface of the skin, and this sebum is the skin's natural moisturizing barrier, so lower the bathwater temperature appropriately to reduce the bath time, and leave more sebum moisturizing for the skin.

Body Lotion

So how to choose body lotion in autumn?

Dry and dehydrated

When choosing a body lotion for dryness and dehydration, you can choose products containing hyaluronic acid, camellia, aloe vera, and other moisturizing ingredients. This kind of body lotion has a good hydrating effect, high moisture content, and long-lasting moisturizing.

Dull complexion

When solving the problem of dull skin tone, the most important thing is to choose body milk with whitening ingredients. Body milk that usually contains vitamin C, fruit acid, lemon, etc. have a strong whitening effect. It can promote skin metabolism, inhibit melanin production, and brighten skin tone.

Rough relaxation

Those who have rough and loose skin are recommended to choose body milk containing natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, honey, and so on. This type of body lotion is highly moisturizing and can effectively improve the problem of rough skin. At the same time, choose a body lotion that contains antioxidants to make your skin firm and smooth.

When is the best time to use body milk in autumn?

Body lotion works best within five minutes after bathing.

Just after taking a shower, the moisture on the surface of the skin has not completely evaporated. At this time, using body lotion can just lock the moisture and make the moisturizing effect better. It can be massaged appropriately to promote absorption, and then put on cotton clothes to keep warm. If the body lotion is used after a long time after the shower, the moisture absorbed by the skin and evaporates during the bath, so the effect of use will not be obvious after washing. Therefore, it is recommended to put the body lotion in the bathroom, which is more convenient to use.

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