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Maximize the use of endless lip balm

Dec. 06, 2022

Don't lose the rest of the Deep Moisturizing Lip Balm, be sure to use it as you can. In addition to the use of lipsticks other than lip care, it is both practical and useful for the use of endless lip balm!

1. Used as an eye base

A colored lip balm can be used to make the eye base. Use your finger to gently apply the lip balm to the eye socket before painting the eye shadow. Then you can use the eye shadow that is commonly used, so that it will not fade so easily.

2. Temporary makeup

If you go out for too long, accidentally take off your makeup, apply Moisturizing Lip Balm on the area where you want to make up the makeup, and then wipe off the lip balm oil to make sure you want to make up the makeup.

3. Use high light

When there is no high light to brighten the product, you can take your finger and apply it to the cheeks, the outer corner of the corner of the eye C and the middle part of the bridge of the nose. This step can quickly lighten the cheeks, giving the skin a sense of light and making the contours of the face appear. More three-dimensional exquisite.

4. Eyelash shaping

With or without mascara, you can apply a little lip balm to your eyelashes, especially lip balm with Vaseline. This not only helps to moisturize dry and fragile eyelashes, increases the brightness of the eyelashes, but also makes the eyelashes firm and uplifting.

5. Local moisturizing

The oiliness of lip balm is stronger than that of normal hand cream. It is more moisturizing and moisturizing. Elbow, knees and ankles are also easy to dry and peel. You can also use lip balm to moisturize.

6. Anti-wear analgesic ointment

Whether it is bitten by insects or slightly scratched, you can use Personalized Lip Balm to reduce inflammation. Apply lip balm to the wound to achieve anti-inflammatory and swelling.

7. Flavor extender

Lip balm also has a magical effect that can be used to cure perfume. Applying a lip balm to the area after spraying the perfume will make the perfume last longer.

8. Glue remover

The sticky texture of the lip balm helps to remove the glue residue. After peeling off the label, there is residual glue, apply lip balm, and then wipe it with a damp rag. It will come down very quickly!

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