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Choose hand cream according to occupation

Feb. 28, 2019

People who often do housework will be exposed to alkaline substances such as detergents and soaps. The skin of the hands is easily corroded and roughened. You can often apply Personal Hand lotion labeled with “natural fruit oil” formula. The cream contains natural collagen and vitamin E and other restorative elements. Among them, the components such as fruit acid have a strong comprehensive repairing effect on alkaline substances. In addition, it is best to use other hand protections when using hand cream, such as doing housework. It is best to wear outer rubber and inner cotton gloves to protect your hands from corrosion.

White-collar workers often work in computers in air-conditioned office buildings. Due to the low humidity in the air-conditioned rooms, plus some radiation from the computer, the hands are relatively dry and require the moisturizing of natural nutrients. Moisturizing Whitening Hand Cream can be used.  This hand cream contains a moisturizing factor that moisturizes your hands and keeps your hands soft. Choosing a hand cream is not only based on the work you are doing, but also on the changes of the season. Only in this way can you resist the traces left by the hands of spring, summer, autumn and winter. For example, just after a summer of sunshine, the skin of your hands becomes darker, and you should choose a Whitening Hand Cream in the fall.

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