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    Body Mist

  • Body Mist

    Body Mist

  • Body Mist

    Body Mist

  • Body Mist

    Body Mist

Product Details

Product Name:  body mist

Volume: 8 fl oz/236ml, 5 fl oz/150 ml  or customer's requirements

Fragranceaqua blue, sweet flower, fresh citrus and other 160 kinds of fragrance for you to choose from

Feature:  spray, antiperspirant, deodorant, maximum protection 24 hours

Ingredients: OEM or Our formular, we have several formula for your option

MOQ: 10000PCS

Packaging: 24pcs/carton or customer's requirements

What is body mist?

Compared to perfume (perfume or eau de toilette), body mist is lighter, softer and less concentrated. Body mists and sprays provide a pleasant all-over scent without being overpowering.

Body mist lasts up to 4 hours, which is shorter than perfume, so you will need to refill your body mist throughout the day to keep the beautiful scent lasting longer. However, it is well worth it for the subtle scent that is given off throughout the day.

The shorter lifespan of body sprays means that they are often offered in larger sizes at a fraction of the price of perfume, giving you even more reason to keep spraying throughout the day.

How do you use body sprays?

Just like perfume, body sprays should be applied directly to the skin. We recommend that you spray your body mist on your skin immediately after your morning shower or bath.

Want to know our body spray tips? Apply a complementary scented body butter before spraying your body spray on top to keep your scent fresher for longer. The moisturizing properties of body butter help to nourish your skin, which in turn helps to lock in your scent.

Body sprays help to moisturize your skin and their light fragrance will leave you smelling and feeling fresh on a new day. Since they only last a few hours, you will need to reapply the body mist throughout the day if you intend to use it as part of your perfume layering.

What are the benefits and uses of body sprays?

Fragrance layering

If you are unfamiliar with the idea of perfume layering, then a body spray is a perfect starting point. Fragrance layering is the use of multiple products in the same or complementary scents to enhance the fragrance. The art of perfume layering makes your chosen scent last longer by preventing your skin from absorbing fragrance oils as quickly as possible.

For a classic fragrance combination, use a scented body wash in the morning shower, then apply the same scented body butter after the shower and finish with a matching body spray on top.

If you're looking for something more sophisticated, try creating a new, unique fragrance blend by layering different (but complementary) fragrances. You can do this by pairing different body washes and body butters with your body spray of choice, or by mixing multiple body sprays to create the scent you want.

Update your closet (and home)

Thanks to its lightweight and quick-drying properties, body spray is perfect for quickly refreshing clothes that have been in your closet longer than you'd like to admit. Keep your clothes at arm's length, spray it with the body spray of your choice and hang it outside your closet for a quick refresh before getting dressed.

The water-based formula of body sprays means they're also great for touching up your home before guests arrive. Set the mood by lightly spraying Body Mist around your home and on upholstery and cushions (be careful not to spray any delicate fabrics!) for a subtle and sweet home scent.

Budget Friendly

Body sprays are less expensive than perfumes because they have a lower concentration of fragrance oils. Their budget-friendly price and larger size means that body sprays are perfect as an on-the-go perfume freshener.

By layering the scent, you can extend the longevity of your perfume - allowing you to enjoy the scent for longer. A body spray is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite scent.

Get a good night's sleep (with a great scent)

A light spritz of your favorite body spray could be the answer to your sleepless nights.

Before going to bed at night, lightly spray your body spray on your sheets and pillows. Choose a calming scent, such as the ethereal Violet Dream Body Mist, to help yourself fall asleep to a wonderful scent.

Health & Beyond cares deeply about creating bath and body care products. Designed to cleanse, nourish, refresh and pamper your skin, all of our products are filled with fragrance and skin-friendly ingredients.

To learn more about our carefully crafted Health & Beyond body sprays, contact us for great prices on bulk purchases and secure shipping.

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